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Influencer marketing platform

Reachbird makes Social Media Advertising as easy and effective as it never was before.  Thanks to our advanced technology, they are able to find the best Social Media Influencers for their partners with the followers that are equal to their target group that they want to reach. Throughout this process they provide them with the best analytics designed to track and measure the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. 



The Easiest Platform for Shareholder Management & Portfolio Tracking

Investory.io is the most productive place for companies and investors to keep in touch with each other. 

Freedom pizza


Dubai's favourite pizza delivery system

Freedom pizza is Dubai's leading pizza delivery with an incredible focus on their digital presence. Starting with a responsive online delivery system, but working on loyalty games, one-click ordering system, native apps and much more to come. The online ordering system is connected to the POS terminals in the stores but also enables stores to analyze and adapt to the shopping behaviour of the customers. Our team was the first to work together and integrate Visa Checkout in the region.



Actively Manage your Partnerships and Contracts

DealSafe allows companies to easily digitize, store and manage their contracts. Today, many contracts are lost in email, hard drives, dropbox, etc and many people who leave organizations end up taking their contracts with them--the company is left without critical information. DealSafe not only acts as a central repository for a company's contracts, but DealSafe's team of legal experts automatically extracts the key terms from your contracts into a database which allows for detailed business analytics dashboards for tracking revenue, bookings, deliverables, start/end dates, renewals and more.



Saluiq.me is the first fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a beautiful arabic language, responsive website, blog, or portfolio. Our team developed the user gateway module of the application.

Discover Abu Dhabi

Facebook app

The Discover Abu Dhabi facebook app was developed for the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. It is an application similar to a complex Blog that serves the home of TCA’s articles. The application sends out personalized Facebook notifications once a new post is published to users who are subscribed to the actual topic.