SaaS Onboarding Videos: Pros and Cons

SaaS onboarding videos are an effective storytelling tool. However, like anything, they have their pros and cons. Learn about the strengths and drawbacks of videos as an onboarding platform. You be the judge whether onboarding videos are the way to go for your SaaS company.

Pro: Create SaaS onboarding videos once, reuse them indefinitely

Customer onboarding videos are reusable. It’s as easy as providing a video link and letting users/recruits follow along at their own pace. Send the same link for the next cycle of users. Unless there’s a major update, there’s no need to consistently produce new videos. Even if you do need to release updated material, you can use the originals as a template.

One way to create onboarding videos is by hosting a live onboarding webinar with the recruits joining in for an interactive experience. Reuse this webinar to show future recruits. This is especially effective for onboarding large groups, such as a B2B customer’s employees who are learning your cloud system or project management software.

Con: Could be time-consuming

Just because a video is 10-minutes long does not mean it took 10 minutes to produce. Video creation is a time-intensive process. Before filming, you have to create a script. You may also have to perform several takes. With written material, edits are easy. By contrast, if a video isn’t to standards, you may have to start over from the beginning, especially if the original was shot in one take.

Videos are also more time-consuming for the learner. It’s generally faster to read material than it is to watch a video of comparable length. Videos may also have loading issues, grinding learning to a halt if there’s a bad connection.

Pro: Cater to a dominant learning method

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Make learning easy for the demographic majority with tutorials learners can see and follow along with.

The brain has a way of retaining information more effectively when processing images (especially moving images) vs. words. That gelatinous matter between our ears processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This is why visuals are so effective. Onboarding can also include other visual-rich media, such as screenshots, infographics, etc.

Con: Requires video editing experience

As a SaaS company, it’s not good optics to shoot a quick onboarding video from a mobile device. Your company especially needs a professional touch if catering to a B2B audience. Onboarding videos require extensive editing work. If you lack knowledge in this area, you have a steep learning curve ahead of you.

You can always hire a professional, but this can be pricey and may not be financially viable for startups. Consider the editing work involved, such as:

  • Adjusting picture quality
  • Adding captions or annotations
  • Splicing
  • Audio editing to filter out background noise
  • Enabling picture-in-picture (PiP) to simultaneously show concurrent events

Onboarding videos don’t have to be Hollywood blockbuster quality, but some advanced editing is required.

Pro: Easily explain technical concepts in a video format

As a SaaS company, your developers have a deep technical understanding of your products. However, new users and even employees may not possess the same technical wizardry. Words alone—even if it’s layman-friendly language—may not effectively convey your intent.

With videos, you can demonstrate the product while providing spoken commentary. Film yourself using the product features the way an actual user would use them. Viewers simply follow along and learn through mimicry. This is far more intuitive from a learning perspective than reading text and looking at individual snapshots.

Building a digital product?

Con: Not as easy to skim

Text is easy to skim, especially if the material is broken down into digestible sections. You can include a table of contents that users can click to take them straight to the desired section.

Videos are a bit trickier to skim, though it’s doable. If learners want to review a certain section, they may have to adjust the playback several times until they locate the desired segment. This can be particularly cumbersome on a mobile device. You can, however, make videos easier to navigate by incorporating timestamps. Give each timestamped section a clear title.

Pro: Complements written onboarding instructions

The best onboarding SaaS processes include diverse media. Suit diverse learning preferences by complementing your videos with written text. Some learners may choose to watch the videos first and then review by going over the text. The text can be a verbatim transcript from the video narrator, or it can be standalone material that supplements the video.

While most new users learn better by video, more advanced recruits may prefer going straight to the text. Be sure to cater to the more technically-inclined members who require less hand-holding.

We make SaaS onboarding videos an effective learning tool

SaaS user onboarding is critical for early success. The best onboarding videos don’t just provide a company introduction but also the tools for a positive user experience. Let VeryCreatives help you devise onboarding material and other digital solutions for your SaaS audience. Book a call today!

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