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Investory is an investor relations platform.

A two-sided marketplace-type product where Investors and startup accelerators onboard their portfolio in order to make reporting simple. The platform brings the whole KPI management & reporting workflow from e-mail to a standardized workflow.

Project Description

  • Data driven

    Investors can see their whole portfolio, the KPIs of their investments, cap tables and the health of the companies they invested in.

  • Regular Updates

    Startups can report in a simple and standardized way that removes the hassle from this monthly ritual.

  • Extensions

    3rd party integrations towards Google Drive, Sheets, banking APIs and more.

Track Your Investments

Investory is a platform where startups can update investors about their performance and investors can manage their whole portfolio in an organized way.

Track Your Investments
Easy Authentication

Easy Authentication

Signing Room is a feature that provides startups and investors a comfortable, automatized option to be able to sign documents by all the stakeholders on the platform.

Share your Data

Data Room is a file management interface where startups can upload and share all their important company files with team members and investors.

Share your Data



Startups can add and regularly update their main performance KPIs either manually or via Excel import or automatic Google Sheet synchronization. KPIs show up on the Company Dashboard, Investor Dashboard, and in the regularly sent-out Investor Updates.

Investor Updates

Investor Updates

Startups send Investor Updates to their investors about their performance, share their up-to-date KPI charts about Revenue, Costs, Runway, User count. They report their financial and organizational progress, success and difficulties, providing transparency for their stakeholders.


Investors can see the accumulated data of all their portfolio: investment information, monthly performance, KPIs, Investor Updates, in an organized, clear cut way on the Investor Dashboard. Startups can present their important KPIs, Captable, most recent Investor Updates and Data Room files on the Company Dashboard.

KPIs & Charts

Top ranking investment funds & accelerators trust Investory

IECTVito OneHansmen GroupSpeedinvestFlinStartup 300Pioneers VenturesNext Media Accelerator

"Our long term partnership with VeryCreatives is the backbone of our product development. From having wide range of expertise to predictable costs and a reasonable amount of flexibility, they have everything a startup needs."

Guillermo Falco

Guillermo Falco