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Manage and approve events, corporate communications
and sponsorship expenditures all in one site.

Customised manager site for events, corporate communications
and sponsorship expenditures.


is the #1 site for organising events and manage company expenditures for OTP Bank, one of the biggest bank in Central Europe. Over a year of development and testing the platform became the standard tool for managers and employees for working together on marketing tasks. The site provides transparent and clean processes where they can organise company events, claim advertising expenditures and other sponsorations.

Project Description


Managers can easily review any marketing related requests in a transparent dashboard. They can approve and follow through the process of execution. Clear labels and notifications made it easy to know who has to work on a certain project.


Marketers can create and organize events, invite guests or request budget for advertisement campaigns. With reminders and well organized workflow there is no chance to miss something important.


Guests can receive useful informations about an event and participate more at OTP events. Speakers can create polls, enable questions from the audience and send push notification when it is needed.

The event list view help the guests to check their available events and responde to their invitations

Polls and push notifications are ways to create your event more interactive.

Improve program elements with workshops where guests can apply directly.

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