Dev & Design Round-up 1: Notion, Elixir, React and the rise & fall of InVision

Dev & Design Round-up

Welcome to the Dev & Design Round-Up 1, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


Elixir v1.12 released - We are heavy users of Elixir at VeryCreatives. Elixir v1.12 is out with improvements to scripting, tighter Erlang/OTP 24 integration, stepped ranges, and dozen of new functions across the standard library.

Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust - Rust is becoming a first class language in a variety of domains. At Discord, we’ve seen success with Rust on the client side and server side. For example, we use it on the client side for our video encoding pipeline for Go Live and on the server side for Elixir NIFs. Most recently, we drastically improved the performance of a service by switching its implementation from Go to Rust. This post explains why it made sense for us to reimplement the service, how it was done, and the resulting performance improvements.

The data model behind Notion’s flexibility - Notion’s data model enables the product’s most foundational component: blocks. Through blocks, we allow users more flexibility and better control over their information.

WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser - WebContainers allow you to create fullstack Node.js environments that boot in milliseconds and are immediately online & link shareable—in just one click. The environment loads with VS Code’s powerful editing experience, a full terminal, npm and more. It also runs entirely inside your browser.

How necessary are the programming fundamentals? - In this article, we’ll introduce the field of algorithms and data structures in a neutral way, show how this knowledge is applied in practice using an analogy, and finally use all of that to clarify why large companies like Google and Apple are so focused on it.

How to set up iOS environments: develop, staging, and production - Learn how to create a separate environment for your app with the help of Configuration and Scheme. Create a different app and variables for each environment on the same codebase.

Svelte for the Experienced React Dev - This post is an accelerated introduction to Svelte from the point of view of someone with solid experience with React.

How To Use React Native Flatlist - How many apps have you seen that come with lists? In this article you can find all the information about React Native FlatList.

Reacts useRef Hook: What It Is and How to Use It - React useRef hook can be helpful when you need to create mutable variables in your components without causing these components to re-render. For example, store references to elements or some other values.

NSSpain 2020: Remote Edition - One of the most known conferences about Apple platforms development went remote in 2020! This NSSpain edition was an online, continuous 36 hours conference, carefully crafted by the community for the community.

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The rise and fall of InVision - The sad slide of the once-darling design co.

10 cancellation flow examples and why they work - In this article, we’ll look at how some top SaaS companies deflect user cancellations and keep churn rates in the green.

Designing micro-interactions with Figma interactive components - This feature is a great tool for the product designers, it offers new advantages and possibilities. In this post I show some of the explorations I have been doing, mostly on micro-interactions.

Top UI/UX Design Works for Inspiration — #139 - Inspire all the designers!

Cat loader - 🐈 Purrfect solution for async actions.


A different kind of new manager checklist: The 4 essential questions to ask yourself as a leader - Instead of promising you quick ‘n easy answers, this new manager checklist probes deeper with 4 questions to help you become better as a leader.

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Dev & Design Round-up

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