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We provide cross-functional teams as a service on a monthly fee to build, manage, release and support your product.

Our dedicated teams consist of developers, designers and product managers who already built and released products that people use.

We can build your product too.

Our services

How we can help

Our teams at VeryCreatives can solve the 3 problems that make or break your startup.

We have the team

1. Finding good developers

You are an entrepreneur who has funding to start building a startup, but you also know finding & building a trusted, capable tech team is an obstacle nearly impossible to overcome nowadays. Because of this, the majority of ideas never reach the execution phase.

We have the team.

2. Managing the product roadmap

Managing your team, your product, the roadmap and it's scope is an art. Hundreds of books are filled with best practices but how could you learn all this when you are doing your most important activity as a founder: talking to your customers and selling your product?

We manage the product development.

We manage the product development
We make your development expenses flat

3. Predictable

One of the most critical reason startups fail is they run out of money, therefore you need predictable expenses while maintaing agility to build the product the users really want. Be it just the design-sprint, the MVP developement or the scaling up phase, our pricing structure is transaprent and predictable.

We make your development expenses flat.

Our offers

Fundraiser Package

Have a great business idea?
This is for you!

Our 2-week long design-sprint brings your idea to life in the form of a clickable prototype.
Test the concept, showcase it to investors, make customers better understand your idea.

Minimum Viable Product

Have the funding?
Let's build it.

An agile development team is assembled to build the minimum viable version of your product.
Fixed scope, fixed costs. Go to market in 3-6 months.

Team as a Service

We guide you
to growth!

An agile team is dedicated to support and continuously build your product as you grow, for a predictable monthly fee.

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Read our case studies and see what products we've build, what our teams are capable of and what results could you achieve by working with us.

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