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We partner with startups and enterprise innovators to
design and build revenue generating apps and platforms.

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What we do

We help innovators to bring ideas to life.
From startups to large companies, we work with the founders, CEOs and CMOs to validate ideas, build the perfect experience and deliver revenue generating platforms.

Our versatile team of developers, designers and PMs put their heart and soul into the work and become an extension of our clients' teams.

It's not about the hours we put in, it's about the output you get.

Our services
VeryCreatives solves the issues digital projects face

Why VeryCreatives?

Our team can solve the 3 main issues digital projects face.

We have the team to build software products

1. A reliable tech partner

We discover, understand, improve then deliver the best possible version of your product.
Our clients’ success is our success.

Our goal is to make our partners business’ thrive because we believe that is the best refence we can get.

Tell us about your idea!

2. Go to market on time

We dig deep to completely understand the full scope of our projects so that we can always give realistic delivery timelines.

We are transparent about our progress and always wave the red flag in time.

We will deliver your product.

Managing the product development and release cycle
Best cost to quality ratio

3. Best cost / quality ratio

One of the most scary word for startups is runway. How much can you afford, how long will you last?

We understand that, and we believe the secret lies in finding the perfect balance between the quality of the work and the value of it.

Located in Hungary, we believe we are able to provide world class quality for affordable rates.

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Are you a Founder or have a Startup?

Our all-in-one 4-step process generates digital products that will grow your business

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

1. Product Strategy

We fully explore your idea from a technical point of view in 1 day. The result is an extensive report of the recommended architecture, technologies, main workflows and a cost estimate.

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

2. Design sprint

We take your idea from paper to a clickable prototype in 5 days. The result is a non-functional, clickable prototype that you can use to get feedback and test assumptions.

Build the first version of your product

3. Minimum Viable Product

An agile development team is assembled to build the minimum viable version of your product. Fixed scope, fixed costs. Go to market in 3 months.

Ongoing support and bugfixes with guaranteed turnaround time.

4. VeryCare

Ongoing support and bugfixes with guaranteed turnaround time. VeryCare provides you not just peace of mind but ensures our team will be there when there is a bug or you need one-off tasks to be done.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Our team of digital experts will take your business to the next level

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

1. Innovation audit

We analyze the processes and workflows of your company, looking for areas that could be optimized with digital solutions.

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

2. Solution workshop

We fully explore the possible digital solutions for a specific problem and we come up with a detailed plan on how to implement it in the most effective way.

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

3. Design workshop

A 5-day long process during which we design and test a clickable prototype of the previously specified solution.

Product Strategy & Scoping Workshop to explore your idea

4. Implementation

Our agile development team builds the functional version of your new digital solution.

Case studies

Read our case studies and see what products we've build, what our teams are capable of and what results could you achieve by working with us.

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