Technologies we use

At VeryCreatives, we select our tools carefully. We believe that picking the right tools for the job results in more successful software products.

But we cannot stop here. As technologists, we are always on the lookout to bring in the best new technology so that our clients can benefit from the cutting edge solutions of the industry.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, React.js, Vue.js
Ruby on RailsRuby programming language

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a backbone of our technology stack. It is perfect for rapid application development to reach go-to-market stage fast.

Ruby is a startup favorite, it is one of the most popular languages among tech startups. Many Silicon Valley unicorns have been built on Ruby, including Airbnb, Twitch, GitHub, and Twitter.

Elixir programming languagePhoenix framework

Elixir & Phoenix

Besides Ruby, we are heavy users of Elixir when we really need to process lots of data with low footprint.

The multi-threading capabilities of this programming language makes it a perfect solution for serving high-performance API backends, data mining, and parallel processing.


React.js & Vue.js

We make sure the user interface of our products works on all browsers and rapid-fast. With the help or React.js and Vue.js along ES6, we are prepared for the future of the web.

Lightweight, responsive, reactive.

AppleAndroid Kotlin

iOS, Apple Watch & Android

Forget the cluncky hybrid javascript framework based apps, unleash the true power of your devices instead! Our high-performance native apps makes your users happy and delighted on their phones, tablets and watches.

Native power of the bare metal.

Amazon AWSDocker

Amazon AWS & Docker

Be it Amazon AWS or a custom VPS, our dockerized applications run smoothly on your servers.

Standard and custom deployment pipelines are available with plenty of flexibilities.

Third party & custom integrations

Wide range of 3rd party integrations are available. Be it SAP, Stripe,, Mercury, PayPal, VISA Checkout, ApplePay, Mailchimp, Intercom,, Twilio, Nexmo, ZenDesk, TokBox, Asana, Social networks or various Google services, just to name a few.

Custom integration of your own special software is something we would love to explore.


  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix


  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Javascript
  • ES6

Native mobile:

  • iOS & iPad OS
  • Apple Watch OS
  • Swift
  • Android
  • Kotlin


  • Amazon AWS
  • Docker
  • DigitalOcean


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis