Dev & Design Round-up 13: Phoenix 1.6, AWS advice, Elixir and Telemetry, Figma plugins

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


Wrapping your head around assets in Phoenix 1.6 Phoenix 1.6 sports esbuild as a great new default for bundling assets in newly generated Phoenix apps. It also took the opportunity to drop Node and NPM altogether. Here’s what you gain with esbuild, what you lose without NPM and how to have the best of both worlds.

Generate PDFs in Elixir When you search for pdf generator for Elixir you most likely are going to find a solution that is based on wkhtmltopdf. There is a great blog post on why using this library is considered harmful. Following advice from it we are going to use weasyprint which is BSD-licensed Python library that is almost as good as the commercial ones.

This is what Tesla uses for front end development Welcome back! As some of you may know I’ve been making a ton of articles on the programming languages used at tons of popular companies, now let’s look at what Tesla uses for their front-end development!

Mistakes I’ve Made in AWS I’ve been using AWS “professionally” since about 2015. In that time, I’ve made lots of mistakes.

Hard-coded Tokens, Keys and Credentials in Mobile Apps Mobile applications are often viewed as safe storage by some developers.

CSS Mirror Editing in Edge DevTools for VS Code Summary: With the release of 1.3.1 of the Edge Tools for VS Code we introduce a better way to get changes you made in the Styles tool back into your source code. We’d love to know what you think of it and what we can do better. There’s a GitHub issue dedicated to feedback.

Instrument your Elixir application Somewhere during the lifetime of an application it’s inevitable that it will have some performance issues

Adding Bulma to Phoenix 1.6 Phoenix 1.6 is almost here, with the first release candidate being announced on the Phoenix blog in August.

Things Junior Developers Do That Irritate Their Seniors Senior developers are supposed to be patient with their juniors. If they lose their temper, it’s probably going to be for one of these reasons.

How To Rapidly Improve At Any Programming Language Last year, I submitted a PR to the Clojure web request routing library, Compojure. Even though I was doing Clojure full time at work, there was still a lot for me to learn and always will be.

Web-browser for research that helps programmers think clearly.

The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start without Machine Learning Applying machine learning effectively is tricky. You need data. You need a robust pipeline to support your data flows. And most of all, you need high-quality labels. As a result, most of the time, my first iteration doesn’t involve machine learning at all.

Keynote: Clarity - Saša Jurić | ElixirConf EU 2021 (video)

Dynamic Queries in Ecto Ecto was created to allow easy manipulation of data stored in various databases. Thanks to a well-thought-out API, you can build complex queries in a very readable way.

Work at VeryCreatives!


User-Centered Design: What It is and How to Do It Excellent usability leads to maximum customer satisfaction. This is the design process that leads to the most loved products and experiences on the market.

So as part of my takeover today, I wanted to share a handful of resources that have been helpful in my own design systems work, I’ll kick things off with plugins!

20 Extremely Creative Web Layouts The most crucial function for a website layout design is structuring the information, so defining the hierarchy of content, whilst ensuring it can be accessed intuitively, are essential objectives that a good layout should accomplish.

20 Figma plugins every designer must have My favorite 20 plugins, which are important and necessary for every designer.

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