Dev & Design Round-up 15: ElixirConf, Atropos and iOS Architecture

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer You’re about to read a blog post with a lot of advice. Learning from those who came before us is instrumental to success, but we often forget an important caveat. Almost all advice is contextual, yet it is rarely delivered with any context.

Making Shopify’s Flagship App 20% Faster in 6 Weeks Using a Novel Caching Solution Shop is Shopify’s flagship shopping app. It lets anyone track their packages, find new products, and even plant trees to offset the carbon emissions from their purchases. Since launching in 2019, we’ve quickly grown to serve tens of millions of users.

Atropos Atropos is a lightweight, free and open-source JavaScript library to create stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects. Available for JavaScript, React, Vue.js and Svelte.

As Easy As Analytics Gets. Pirsch is a simple, privacy-friendly, open-source alternative to Google Analytics — lightweight, cookie-free and easily integrated into any website or directly into your backend.

How to upload a file in Elixir with Waffle The ability to upload files is a key requirement for many todays web and mobile applications. In this tutorial, we will look at how we can accomplish file uploads to local storage and S3 server in Phoenix with the help of Waffle library.

Debugging With Tracing in Elixir If you are a video person, and have 24 minutes to spend with, just jump over to this ElixirConf 2020 - Debugging Live Systems on the BEAM talk by Jeffery Utter.

ElixirConf 2021 - Chris McCord - The Future of Full-stack

iOS Architecture at Lyft June 30, 2014 was my first day at Lyft as the first iOS hire on the ~3 person team. The app was written in Objective-C, and the architecture was a 5000-line nested switch statement. Since then, the team has grown to about 70 people and the codebase to 1.5M lines of code. This required some major changes to how we architect our code, and since it had been a while since we’ve given an update like this, now seems as good a time as any.

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