Dev & Design Round-up 17: Ruby implementation, Elixir releases and Web design inspirations

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


Ruby has an Async implementation! It’s available today, it’s production-ready, and it’s probably the most awesome thing that’s happened to Ruby in the last decade, if not longer.

The iOS App Icon Book A beautiful hardcover book that celebrates the art and craft of app icon design.

The worst app in the Appstore? Let me show you one of the most popular app in the Mac Appstore. It has a decent number of ratings (Almost 9k) and has it #1 in its genre.

7 GUIs: Implementing a CRUD App in LiveView This is the fifth post handling the 7 GUI tasks in LiveView. Here are some highlights of implementing a CRUD application.

Making 12factor Elixir/Phoenix releases Elixir had a bad reputation for its deployment story due to the complex tooling and compile-time configuration preference. That is history now as we can easily make Elixir v1.11 releases with the runtime configuration to adhere to the 12factor style of deployment.

Designing solutions with state machines in Elixir You may have had to design some feature that needed to accomplish an execution flow in your software, such as, wizards, admission processes, game rules, logic circuits, etc. A good fit to build this kind of solution is design, relying on a mathematical abstraction called state machines.

Moving faster This post is part of a series, starting at Reflections on a decade of coding. I don’t think I’m very fast in an absolute sense, but I’m much much faster than I was 5 years ago. These are the things that I think made the most impact.

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Empty States “Empty states” or “blank states” are in-app containers (spaces on pages, templates, or dashboards) that would usually be overflowing with content and activity… but aren’t, because it’s the user’s very first time in the app.

Why build a Design System? At grofers, things move faster than the Flash. With multiple teams and parallel development cycles, it is difficult for designers to be constantly aligned and consistent with our limited resources library. We used to rely heavily on internal UI kits and Sketch libraries which were not regularly updated or maintained. As a result, we inherited a lot of design debt and disparity across platforms.

iOS 15 UI Design changes iOS 15 just launched, and there are some interesting changes in the UI of the operating system. Let’s explore!

Daily web design inspirations Top 20 of my favorite web design inspirations of the day. Discover new designers, new gradients, or new original interactions. Enjoy!

Dark Patterns: Unraveling the Web’s Shady Side We love the web. We’d all have had to find different careers if it weren’t for Sir Tim Berners Lee’s amazing invention! Despite our passion, though, the web can be an unpleasant place.


How to Manage Clients? Tips From An Experienced Project Manager I’m Daria Kozlenko, a project manager at NIX United. My team is working on an IT product with over 150 people involved. Numerous teams work on this product, including a team of 30 IT experts from NIX United. Other teams hail from India, Japan, and China.

<<<<<<< HEAD How to Push Through Your Creative Blocks It has happened to the best of us: the creativity is flowing, you are getting things done, you feel good about your latest project, and then all of the sudden—you’re blocked.

How to Push Through Your Creative Blocks It has happened to the best of us: the creativity is flowing, you are getting things done, you feel good about your latest project, and then all of the sudden—you’re blocked.


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