Dev & Design Round-up 20: Oban, Phoenix LiveView and Netflix Data Science

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


Experimentation is a major focus of Data Science across Netflix Here we describe the role of Experimentation and A/B testing within the larger Data Science and Engineering organization at Netflix, including how our platform investments support running tests at scale while enabling innovation. The subsequent and final post in this series will discuss the importance of the culture of experimentation within Netflix.

Robust job processing for Elixir Oban is a background job system packed with enterprise grade features, real-time monitoring with Oban Web, and complex workflow management with Oban Pro.

Reconnecting to RabbitMQ with AMQP in Elixir At Community we are building a platform that will allow you to have meaningful conversations with large audiences … at scale!!!

Elixir module registry via Protocols The core idea of this article is that elixir protocols have a very interesting reflection feature

Taking LiveView’s JS commands for a spin LiveView 0.17.0 introduced JS commands.

In Defence of the Boring Web Having recently had the pleasure of doing most of my internet interactions on a tablet or a smartphone because my laptop was ‘hors de combat,’ I was able to further reflect on the state of the modern web.With Web 2.0 being already passé, Web 3.0 being not the latest fad any more, and talks of Web 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0, my own website seems to follow a strange and anachronistic vision. I like to call this The Boring Web. 

LiveBeats: Building a Social Music App With Phoenix LiveView is now free for small Phoenix projects. This post is about building a wicked LiveView app with realtime collaboration features. If you already have a Phoenix app to deploy, try us out. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Great Blogs by Programmers I’m redoing my RSS feed subscriptions from scratch. I’d appreciate suggestions for great personal blogs by programmers.

Apple’s (Hidden) Authenticator App Google and Microsoft killed my inner minimalist

Live user cursors with Phoenix Presence The past few months I’ve been learning about Phoenix and Elixir. Since I already spent most of my time staring at a computer screen for my day job, this means reading lots of books, listening to podcasts and watching conference talks. It’s been very interesting so far, but I’ve had not a chance to get my hands dirty and write some actual Elixir code.

Oban: job processing library for Elixir After working for years on different organizations, one common theme is scheduling background jobs. In this article, I’ll share my experience with Oban, an open-source job processing package for Elixir. I’ll also cover some features, like real-time monitoring with Oban Web and complex workflow management with Oban Pro.

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How Passion Can Help (Or Hurt) a Design Project Designers love to speak about passion. And, in such a creative line of work, it seems natural that this would be a driving force behind what we do. Not to mention that virtually every aspect of design can elicit strong feelings among both creators and consumers.

Everyone is a subscription: How content creation is becoming a full-time job for designers In 2021 many social media platforms shifted to offer subscription tools for their creators. Confronted with low minimum wages, decreased job security, and 9 to 5 jobs that offer little in the way of flexibility, many people have turned to social media platforms for a new source of income.

How is your website impacting the planet? Estimate your web page carbon footprint:

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