Dev & Design Round-up 7: GenServer, Firebase and Mobile UI Design

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


7 GUIs: Implementing a Flight Booker in LiveView This post will cover some highlights of implementing a flight booker, the third of the 7 GUI tasks.

What is a GenServer? GenServer (Generic Server) is one of the most common tools in the Elixir toolbag. I’ve written in the past about why you don’t need to know about GenServers to get started with Elixir. However, you will inevitably hit the point where you want (or need) them. This post will be my description of a GenServer to beginners to the language.


Firebase Almost Ruined My Startup Several factors you have to keep in mind before choosing Firebase for your projects.

3 Kinds of Tech Debt In software engineering, we’re often faced with trade-offs that sacrifice what is best for the long term against something that increases velocity in the short term. A commonly used financial analogy is describing this as taking on technical debt.

POLL: THE ETHICAL DILEMMA AT THE HEART OF GITHUB’S COPILOT GitHub is one of the biggest code repositories on the Internet. It hosts billions of lines of code, creating an unparalleled dataset with which to train a coding AI. And that is exactly what OpenAI, via GitHub, thanks to its owners Microsoft has done — training Copilot using public repositories.

Swift Heroes Warm Up Live Q&A with Swift Heroes speaker, Bruno Rocha, Software Engineer, Spotify. A quick preview of his presentation at the main event plus q&a with iOS expert Stefano Mondino.

Apple Is Killing Email Read Receipts With a Single Popup The new Mail Privacy Protection feature ensures that email marketers can no longer track your activity

5 unusual Docker container use cases Docker introduced containers technology as mainstream around 2013. Since then, containerization became an integral part of cloud and digital transformations. Nowadays most of the traditional server workloads such as web APIs, web apps (broadly speaking server side workloads), are containerized.

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How To Design User Rating and Reviews Users rely on rating when they want to decide what content or product have higher quality. By it’s nature, user rating is quantitative information; that is why it’s recommended to supplement it with qualitative data (user reviews).

Key Mobile UI Design Mistakes in 2021 In this article, I want to share a checklist of the most common UI design mistakes that still can be found in mobile app design today.

A Five-Minute Guide to Better Typography Typography is the technique of arranging type for effective communication and a bit of delight.

Designing a user-friendly autosave functionality Autosaves are a simple, but an overlooked feature within most of the application design. Modern always-online applications have used the functionality to ensure users don’t lose their work in case of browser exit or unintentional page navigation (more on this later).


18 Jobs of the Future (no one is prepared for) There’s no way around it : work is changing. But, regardless of what hundreds of misinformed think-pieces will argue on the matter, working itself is not going away anytime soon, however worthy of our time that discussion may be.

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