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Freedom Has Never Been So Easy

Proprietary online ordering platform
and native applications.

This innovative platform

achieved an online ordering rate of over 50% in less than two years since its launch and continues to grow at an exponential pace. More than just online ordering, it is feature reach and includes multiple payment methods, including Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, in addition to securely tokenized credit cards. It has been developed and is completely integrated and bespoke to their entire operating, CRM and customer response platforms.

Project Description

  • Native Apps

    Easy ordering and checkout, save multiple delivery addresses, re-order previous orders, save favourite pizzas and safely store multiple credit cards or set your dietary profile: vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian.

  • Apple Pay

    Freedom Pizza was shortlisted to be part of Apple Pay’s induction to the UAE, giving online and mobile app users another convenient and secure way to pay.
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Customized Pizzas

With our built in customization feature you can easily customize your pizzas anyway you want. Left, right, whole, extra you name it. Once you customized a pizza it gets saved so you can reorder easily in the future with just a click.

Customize your pizza

Dietary Profile

Customers can set their dietary preferences to make sure they only order products that are suitable for them.

Shopping cart

Order Tracker

You can track your orders easily from the mobile app or from the Web.

Delivery tracker



Freedom Pizza offers a unique couponing system. No need to deal with coupon codes anymore. Just start a campaign and the coupon gets automatically added to the desired target groups digital wallet.

Special offers

Special Offers

Freedom Pizza is not a traditional online ordering platform. It offers exclusive deals and special offers for all sorts of events and occasions - Football tournaments, concerts and everyone's all time favorite their birthday promotion.

Apple Watch

Pizza lovers can order with ease by using the Freedom Pizza app on the Apple Watch. Customers can choose from a previous order before effortlessly tapping to securely pay with Apple Pay via the watch’s Freedom App.

Apply Pay support

Retail Middle East Awards

The platform was awarded as the winner of the Digital Innovation of the Year at the Retail Middle East Awards. The award recognized the retailer who demonstrated digital innovation, delivering a delightful customer experience, enhancing the retail brand and proving to be a truly innovative and a commercial success.