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Scheduling and tracking your
daily tasks has never been so easy

Lightweight task management application for everyday use


helps you be more organized and efficient both at work and life. With Hyperplanner, you can easily schedule your tasks besides fixed dates from your personal calendar. Hyperplanner helps you focus on what you really need. You get notifications every day to plan ahead for tomorrow so you won’t forget to schedule and plan your day.
Calendar view
Daily stats

Project Description

  • Schedule

    With Hyperplanner, it's a no-brainer to create new tasks. That's why we love to use it every day for scheduling tasks between our fixed calendars.

  • Overview

    Hyperplanner mobile and watch applications make a perfect duo. You will always know what to do and how much time you got. No more wasted time.

  • Report

    Create reports about different time intervals with hyperplanner reporting tool. Easily share your work with clients or check how efficient you were.

Quick task creation makes this app lightweight for an everyday use

Progress tracking

Tick off finished tasks so you can track your progress during the day

Daily stats

Daily stats gives you a quick overview of your daily tasks - get especially transparent and clean outlines with tags


Connect Multiple iCloud Accounts

Hyperplanner supports multiple calendar integrations at a time,
so you and your tasks can stay better organised


Pro Features

Powerful Reporting

Reporting is a really great tool to summarize and check your work hours. It works best with tags. Especially useful for sharing and tracking projects hours by freelancers.

Powerful reporting
Custom themes

Custom Themes

Tailor Hyperplanner to your needs. Choose different theme colours that goes along with you in the app.

Apple Watch App

Hyperplanner watch application is your best everyday companion. Notifications and clean timeline help you focus only on important tasks.

Apple watch