Have a Digital Product idea?Increase your odds of success by
running a Product Strategy Worskhop

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Digital Product Strategy Workshop

We fully explore your idea from a technical point of view. The result is an extensive report on the 5 pillars of your idea.
This will be the blueprint of your product:

  • The recommended architecture of your product
  • Technologies to use
  • Optimally scoped functionality
  • Basic wireframes of the main workflows
  • The cost estimate & timing

How it works

You have an idea for an application. You thought about the concept, you already went into the details, you have a vision, a somewhat clear picture about what you want to achieve. Now you need a partner who understands your business idea and is capable to bring the product strategy and technology to the table. Our team of experienced technology and design professionals, business and product strategists will join forces with you for a Product Strategy Workshop to focus on how to reach your business goals.

Product to Market timeline

Our Product Strategy Workshop consists of two
consecutive phases:

Discovery phase

Discovery Phase

Our team of experts will sit down with you to go into details, collect ideas, think about features, user experience, development and user interface solutions, basically help you to see what those ideas could become.


After the Discovery Phase we all have a common understanding of the possible product, will have collected a lot of ideas and have the basic concepts ready for the next phase.

Scoping phase

Scoping Phase

Once we investigated your needs and expanded on all the ideas that came up in the Discovery Phase, we have a common ground to move forward. We continue by putting these ideas into a detailed and finalized plan in the Scoping Phase.

We have to see what the Minimum Viable Product [link] is, what features are necessary for the first version of your product and what features are to be developed later.


We will help you understand the development implications of each feature and guide you through this whole process. Together we will need to take important decisions so that by the end of this process we have a well defined and clear feature set and scope that can be the foundation of the first development phase. We will provide you with a finalized technology description, development plans, time estimate and price proposal so that you can give your final approval.

The VeryCreatives Product Strategy Workshop will help you to make your idea a reality:

  • Collect ideas by using the team’s creative resources and deep technological knowledge
  • Break down your application into defined functional elements
  • Define each feature in details
  • Explore the technological implications
  • Assign the right technology and team setup to build your product
  • Create a product development roadmap from the start through the MVP and onward
  • Provide an estimate and a budget for each development phase
  • Think about your short and long term product strategy
  • Help you to set priorities that are in sync with your product, budget and roadmap

Increase your odds of
success by booking a
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