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minimum viable product

Work with us and follow the steps below to bring your application to market on time and within budget!

Our process is suitable for

Companies launching their own digital product to the market

Founders & Early-stage Startups without a tech team

The 4 building blocks of our MVP development process

We transform app development from a complex, slow moving exercise into a focused process that covers design, build and support all under one roof.

1. Product Strategy Workshop

Whether you're developing an app, a piece of software, development can be a complex process. Having a product strategy workshop cuts down on hiccups that can derail a project or cause costs to balloon unexpectedly.

Our product strategists, developers and designers fully explore your idea and scope out the project from start to finish. Depending on the size and scope of your minimum viable product, a product strategy session might take a few hours or even span a couple of days.

What you will get:

  • A realistic Product Scope and Roadmap
  • Suggested technologies
  • Suggested team setup
  • Estimated time & costs
MVP Product Strategy Workshop

A product strategy workshop is a paid service of VeryCreatives as it involves the work of a team of developers, product strategists and designers.
For selected projects we offer this service complimentary. If you are interested, you can apply here.

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MVP Design Sprint
MVP Design Sprint
MVP Design Sprint

2. Design Sprint

We take the detailed product scope and map out each workflow and function into wireframes. By doing this, we turn the list of requirements into clickable screens of your minimum viable product. These screens can be tested on real devices to have a grasp of what it is like to use the product.

Once we have the wireframes finalized, our designers turn these into beautiful user interfaces and make them ready for development.

What you will get:

  • Wireframes (low/high fidelity)
  • Final designs of all screens
  • Style guide
  • Optional: Clickable prototype

3. Minimum Viable Product

We assemble a development team to build the first version of your product. A core, dedicated team composed of developers, a designer, and a project manager are assigned from start to finish.

The developers will build fast and responsive user interfaces, robust backend systems, and snappy mobile apps. Your dedicated project manager ensures transparent workflow and the delivery of the product scope.

What you will get:

  • The first version of your product people can use
  • Access to Source code
Minimum Viable Product

4. What happens next?

Your product scales. So do we. Be it occasional updates or ongoing development, our cooperation models provide high-velocity and predictable results.

Support & Maintenance

The healthcare plan for your digital product. For a reasonable monthly fee, you will get:

  • Ongoing access to our know-how and technical expertise
  • Technical supervision and version upgrades of software libraries used
  • Fixing bugs with guaranteed turnaround time
  • Guaranteed discounts on all future development work done on the product

Team as a Service

Your very own tech team that can grow with your product.

  • Dedicated agile development team
  • Flexible team composition
  • Guaranteed discounts related to number of months booked
  • Time and material billing, monthly retainer
  • The best cooperation model for a growing business

"VeryCreatives is not only a reliable partner for IT-development, but also understands our whole business model completely. Therefore, the VC-team helped us actively to define the right product strategy. Thank you, VeryCreatives!"

Philipp Martin

Philipp Martin

CEO & Co-Founder, Reachbird



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