Dev & Design Round-up 16: Elixir news, Phoenix 1.6, eFlambé and Metaverse

Welcome back to the Dev & Design Round-Up, our weekly round-up of the articles and resources our team members have shared on our internal Slack channel. These are the top articles we have read.


iOS Architecture at Lyft June 30, 2014 was my first day at Lyft as the first iOS hire on the ~3 person team. The app was written in Objective-C, and the architecture was a 5000-line nested switch statement. Since then, the team has grown to about 70 people and the codebase to 1.5M lines of code. This required some major changes to how we architect our code, and since it had been a while since we’ve given an update like this, now seems as good a time as any.

Localstack A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!

Introducing eFlambé SpawnFest is an annual 48 hour online contest where teams try to build the best BEAM-based application, as determined by the judges based on certain criteria. In this blog post I am going to introduce the new tool I created during SpawnFest.

Deploy Elixir Phoenix to Fly with Continuous Deployment We’re going to go through the steps to deploy Elixir and Phoenix to Fly with Continuous Deployment using GitHub Actions. Fly was awarded Best for LiveView apps in our article covering the Best Cloud Hosting Providers for Elixir and Phoenix.

ElixirConf 2021 Highlights Last week SmartLogic sponsored the hybrid ElixirConf in Austin, TX and was able to send some of our team there in person, as well as attending virtually. Our team loves working in Elixir, and we are proud to be a part of this community and enjoyed seeing our friends and colleagues after a long hiatus of in-person events. With 72 talks across the week, we were inundated with all things Elixir. Check out some of our favorite talks and moments below.

Adding Bootstrap to a Phoenix 1.6 project Many people are using Tailwind CSS, and Mike Clark wrote a great post about adding Tailwind CSS to a Phoenix 1.6 project. Today, I helped a friend to port a Bootstrap 4 project to Bootstrap 5 and wondered if it is as simple to Bootstrap 5 to a Phoenix project as it is with Tailwind CSS.

Breaking down large pull requests When working in a software development team, reviewing pull requests (PRs) is part of our everyday work. It is best practice to keep PRs small and concise, just so we can avoid missing potential issues and spending too much time understanding code changes – thus ensuring productivity.

The Most Heated Tech Job Market in History: Advice for Software Engineers The tech job market is on fire, across the globe, for people with a few years of industry experience under their belt. This is especially true for software engineers, but other tech functions are also following.

Facebook wants to build a metaverse. Microsoft is creating something even more ambitious Rather than ruling one metaverse, Microsoft wants its Mesh platform to be the glue that holds a multiverse of many worlds together.

So, You Want to Build an @mention Autocomplete Feature? We’re all familiar with the concept of autocompletion, right? You type something into a search box and it tries to guess what you’re looking for as you type, displaying suggestions, often below the cursor. While we’re used to autocomplete on eCommerce sites that redirect to search or product pages, an underrated usage is when used as a secondary search pattern to augment the typing experience.

The Metaverse Is Bad It is not a world in a headset but a fantasy of power. In science fiction, the end of the world is a tidy affair. Climate collapse or an alien invasion drives humanity to flee on cosmic arks, or live inside a simulation. 

Updates about Visual Git are posted here. RSS eventually.

Work at VeryCreatives!


Can a Robot Do a Designer’s Job? Automation isn’t as much of a threat as we have been told.

Eliminate Your Development Headaches With Prototyping Learn how prototyping works, the four phases of prototypes, and four reasons you need prototyping for your next development project.

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