4 Product-Led Growth Tools and Software to Use in 2023

As markets move to mirror the public’s interests and goals, the way companies craft business plans must evolve to match them. A product-led growth strategy is now a common means of accommodating discerning users, but it only works if handled with care.

Product-led growth tools provide the kind of scalable functionality that fledgling businesses can count on to build value as they develop. Understanding these tools and the product-led approach itself can help your company carve out its own space in the market much faster.

What product-led growth is all about

Product-led growth is not just another buzzword—it’s the future of global commerce. And that future is now. As opposed to guiding growth through sales techniques or marketing mojo, positioning your product as your company’s north star makes it possible for every member of your organization, across all divisions and disciplines, to function as a cohesive unit with the actual product on offer to users as their single source of truth.

This growth strategy leverages the product itself as the best bargaining chip for buying long-term customer loyalty and steady, dependable revenue over time. Product-led growth frames the critical questions of why people should purchase your product and how they should discover it as all-important. Instead of relying on mere exclusivity, this approach harnesses the power of providing a superior experience to reel in new users and sales. The experience users have with your product should lead to its rapid proliferation via word of mouth, resulting in a strong snowball effect. However, product-led growth tools must be chosen as early on in the design phase of your product as possible to ensure your strategy is successful.

Product-led growth tools you should consider using

Each of the categories of tools that follow feature examples that are well worth your consideration and can dramatically improve the results your company gets from engaging in a product-led growth plan.

Customer service and feedback

Social Intents

If your team needs a better way to interact with customers across a multitude of collaboration platforms, then Social Intents is likely to be a match made in heaven.

This product-led growth tool ensures that your team will be able to continue using platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to communicate with customers of all kinds while broadening their reach to additional contact avenues (such as Webex and a native, embeddable chat system) as well.


With Zendesk, you can access four distinct products, each of which could accelerate your business’s growth rate when paired with a product-led strategy. In the customer service sphere, Zendesk covers such pressing concerns as conversational support options and true omnichannel capabilities.

You can keep conversations going with Zendesk across all manner of mediums, including social media, email, voice calls, and live chats. The inclusion of help center and forum tooling makes this a powerhouse for your team’s public relations.



This tool comes direct from Google and can completely revolutionize the way your business powers its analytical self-discovery processes. BigQuery offers a serverless data warehouse platform capable of supporting large-scale analytics with powerful machine learning implements.

This tool takes advantage of rapidly evolving open data standards to make your data easier to access across other platforms. All kinds of data can be harnessed more effectively through the use of this comprehensive analytics enabling suite.



Beamer is perfect for anyone looking to simplify the way they manage announcements of all kinds.

Notifications are at the core of Beamer’s capabilities and can be delivered right within your app with relative ease using a host of convenient formats. Whether your team wants to show pop-ups at opportune moments or shout out new developments in a snazzy top bar, Beamer can cover the implementation details to speed things up. Beamer also makes it much easier to set up dynamic changelogs to track the development of your product and provide the public with a way to stay current on your progress.

Surveys are a great way to get conversations started with the people you serve, and Beamer offers a powerful solution in this vein by the name of NPS. Best of all, your team won’t need a single line of code to crank it up. Roadmaps can also be a great opportunity to get your users engaged in the development of your product. Beamer doesn’t disappoint here by offering a unique roadmap and feature request system that can help your team choose the right goals, leveraging user feedback as guidance.

Work with VeryCreatives for successful product-led growth

Leveraging product-led growth as a strategy involves navigating a quickly shifting landscape of risks and consumer interests. Prime guidance can give your team the edge it needs to tread water at market. Our team at VeryCreatives can help you transform relative uncertainty into a solid strategy that pays off in both the short and long term. Book a call today to learn more about how we can help bring your digital product to life.

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