Why Your Business Should Be Working on Innovative Solutions with an Agency

Digital product agencies take your business ideas and bring them to life. Whether it’s an internal solution, a software program, or an app, choosing the right development team plays a significant role in having a successful launch. Here’s why working with an agency can make the most of your innovative solutions.

How working with an agency can benefit your business

When you have an idea for a new project, there’s a big choice you have to make: work with an agency or use in-house developers. Hiring an in-house team, especially if it’s for a single project, is time-consuming and costly, but what if you already have one? Many times, their resources are stretched thin as it is, or they might not have the specific expertise to take on your new project.

Working with an agency gives you…

  • A complete solution. When you choose a digital product agency to work on your project, you get a complete, customized solution. Working with an agency is like hiring an all-in-one team for design, development, and support. From front- and back-end solutions to mobile and web apps, you get it all in one place.

  • Flexibility. Discovering the scope and scale of your project is an immense task in itself. Working with an agency brings experts to the table who can guide you through the details and suggest the best ways to execute your ideas. Agencies can easily adapt to the changing needs of a project over its life cycle.

  • Developers with relevant experience. Digital product agencies let you benefit from a team of developers with the combined experience to get your project on the right path. They can draw on their past experiences working together to handle any problems that arise during the design and development process.

  • A team with the right tools. When developing new digital products, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, like integration processes, bug tracking, and constant communication. Working with an agency means you don’t have to worry about having the developmental tools necessary to get the most out of your project.

  • Better project management. When you’re working with an agency, you don’t have to worry about project management details. The agency will facilitate communication between you and the development team, ensure that your project is staying true to the projected timeline, and help resolve any issues quickly.

Building a digital product?

Why enterprises are working with smaller agencies

Enterprises are moving toward using smaller digital product agencies for their projects. Why? Many large software development companies lack a customized approach, and they don’t have the benefit of a small, tight-knit team that thrives on collaboration.

Digital product agencies offer enterprises

  • Faster execution. Smaller agencies aren’t tied down by layers of management and drawn-out onboarding processes. Working with an agency to develop your product means higher flexibility, more proactive collaboration, faster decision making, and timely delivered projects with fewer flaws.

  • Direct involvement. When an enterprise works with a digital product agency, they get to collaborate with the project manager and development team directly, not a middle man who isn’t necessarily even involved in the design process. You can get insights into your project directly from the people who are working on it.

  • Deeper specialization. Many companies have some in-house developers, but they might not have the experience to bring your newest idea to fruition. Working with an agency that has a history of successful projects in a similar field lets you benefit from their in-depth experience and specialized expertise.

  • A personalized approach. Another advantage for enterprises working with a smaller agency is that you get a tailored, product-oriented approach. A product development agency can look at the full scope of your project to provide a customized solution rather than repurposing a bulk volume of code.

  • Their full attention. Working with a smaller agency means that the development team isn’t juggling a handful of projects in addition to yours. You get their full attention and every client a small agency takes on is a significant account for them. Your project won’t get marginalized, which is a real problem when working with large firms.

Design and develop innovative solutions with VeryCreatives

Here’s why working with smaller digital product agencies like VeryCreatives shines: We don’t just listen to your ideas—we help perfect them by diving into the details and discussing the features, UI, and user experience that your customers actually want. Our team spends the time getting to know your business, your users, and your market.

From developing your product strategy to presenting your minimum viable product, you can expect transparent collaboration throughout the entire process.

Get started with VeryCreatives today: See where we can take your idea and what it’s like working with an agency that scales with you.

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