Articles about Outsourcing

When It's Better to Build vs. Buy Your Software

See two scenarios when it’s best to build custom software vs. buying it, given the many options organizations have today.

Feri Fekete

Feri Fekete

August 27, 2020  -  5 min read

Outsourcing Tech to Hungary 2021 — State of the IT Industry

Companies outsource IT & software development to Hungary because of highly skilled talent, low costs, easy-to-manage time differences, & low language and culture barriers.

Feri Fekete,Máté Várkonyi

Feri Fekete & Máté Várkonyi

August 11, 2020  -  8 min read

Is a Fixed-Price Contract Possible With Agile Development?

By prioritizing features that align with business goals and fixing backlog sizes, you can make fixed-bid contracts and the agile methodology compatible.

Máté Várkonyi

Máté Várkonyi

July 31, 2020  -  5 min read

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Software Development Company to Build Your Product

Hiring a Software Development Company? Ask these Questions First!

Máté Várkonyi

Máté Várkonyi

July 27, 2020  -  5 min read